How to use the Dikkha Classroom

Here are all the tools and functions which you can utilize when using Dikkha Classroom to enhance your tutoring & learning experience. Learn more about the functions and tools available to you below.

Dikkha Classroom

Once you join the Classroom you will find an interactive white board system, along with audio-video functionality. Each of the different tools of this classroom and how to use them will be described below.


The top toolbar consists of the following functions.

Upload files ranging from PDF, Word, Doc, Excel, JPG, PNG etc.

Snapshot a Picture using your webcam. This is helpful to check written transcripts and assignments, which can be cut and adjusted based on requirement.

The files, Pictures uploaded are stored in the files section, which can be downloaded anytime by the student or teacher.

Use this button to save and download the whiteboard contents in a PDF format

Record the classroom activity, so that it can be rewatched later on from the dashboard.

Clear the pages (All or Current) using the Clear button.

Use the select button to select a certain part of the whiteboard and separate it from the rest

Crop button to keep only the selected item on the whiteboard, while removing the rest.

Use the Pan button to drag and more the contents on the whiteboard.

Print the whiteboard contents directly.

Grid Tool to plot graphs on the whiteboard.

Use the YouTube link to play and watch any videos in realtime during the class. Use it to teach your students with ease.

Screen Share button to screen share your desktop. This tool can be used to practically demonstrate how to work on various software like Excel, Video Editing, Photo Editing or showing a particular process using computer. Your student will be able to see your computer screen in realtime.

Click the screen you want to share (Entire, Application or Chrome) and press share.

Some other tools in the Toolbar are respectively Copy, Cut, Paste & Delete buttons Various shapes like lines, Ovals, Rectangles & Polygons Pointer & Highlighter etc.

Undo and Redo buttons to go back and forth past actions and reverse them.

Erase button to erase portions of the whiteboard.

Highlighter to highlight contents on the whiteboard like texts and images.

Freehand pen to write and draw on the whiteboard.

Text Box to type in texts on the whiteboard with realtime update.

Change Font Type, Font Size, symbols etc. through the text box.

Set the colour of text/shapes/freehand drawing whenever you need.

Change the font size or line/shape size by dragging through this bar.

Zoom in/ Zoom Out while using the whiteboard.

Go to the next or previous pages of the Whiteboard.

Chat with all the students connected in the classroom, or send messages specifically to certain ones.

Using all the tools present in the Dikkha Whiteboard, we hope you can enhance your teaching experience and will be able to teach and learn from your home anytime, anywhere.