Cross Learning Program

Dikkha Classroom

Dikkha Online Limited is providing a platform for online education and online tutoring, where the learners can learn and share their educational experience online. Dikkha is the first Online Education and Online tutoring platform in Bangladesh which provides a “real-time online virtual classroom” platform for teachers and students to teach and learn simultaneously. Dikkha is giving you a full online tutoring service experience, a first ever in Bangladesh. Our platform provides you with each and every virtual tools required to teach and learn smoothly. If you need customization, we can provide you that as well. Since we are committed to provide the best tutoring experience, we try to provide various opportunities and open every possible door for you. Register now and join our online education and tutoring service. Dikkha Online Limited strongly believes that, learning with ease and comfort will enrich our brainstorming capability, and make teaching more fun and impactful. That is why our motto is “INTERACTIVE LEARNING-ANYWHERE, ANYTIME”.

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