Dikkha Online Limited

Education has no limit. In this pandemic, it is proving. The physical class has turned off until the next government declaration. But has the whole education stopped?
No, we are not stopping learning. Now we are learning from the virtual world. This must be a new experience for us, though we have to accept in spite of will or reluctance.
Dikkha Online Limited is giving the learner a virtual platform where they can learn and share their educational experience. Dikkha is the first WAVE Technology in Bangladesh. Provide real-time online virtual classroom platforms. Dikkha is Giving you a full online-based educational platform. This is the first time in Bangladesh. What you need to learn and teach, each and every possible virtual tool we try to provide you. If you need customization, we can give you as well. As we committed we try to give you the highest comfort zone, we will open every possible door for you. You just need to register and join in our fantastic virtual educational life.
Because Dikkha Online Limited believes strongly in learning and earning with comfort will itself enrich our brainstorming power; That's why our motto is “INTERACTIVE LEARNING-ANYWHERE, ANYTIME”.

Online Education

The internet has evolved the largest, most open knowledge base media. The way people connect and think about knowledge and learning has changed. Virtual schooling is transforming the face of conventional classrooms. It is making education more available than ever. In the end, all we know about online schooling as online education.
Online education is an educational form where students use their home computers over the internet. In the past decade, online graduations and courses have become popular. Especially for those who want to continue education. Online education programs and courses run using digital technology. It is also supported through the host institute's online learning portal.

Online Education Sites in Bangladesh

Learning is an opportunity. But not everyone is entitled to this, for a number of reasons. A few of these are distance problems. With the advancement of technology, online has made learning a reality for everyone. For students or professionals, it is an important tool.
Online education sites in Bangladesh have tied the connection between learners and tutors. Bangladesh is currently experiencing a surge in online education. Many online education sites are trying to fulfill the need. Online education sites help to get an education from home. Dikkha Online Limited is one of those online platforms. Students can take tuition from their teachers while sitting at home. Also, it is the first WAVE Technology in Bangladesh. It provides a real-time online virtual classroom platform for teachers and students to learn and teach online.

Online Education Learning

Online education is computer-based teaching. It includes any type of learning that occurs over the Internet. Like

  • Web-based training
  • E-learning (electronic learning)
  • Mobile learning
Distance learning and online degrees are high in demand. Many schools and institutions are offering online education systems. Students pursuing degrees through an online approach must use a platform. In future online training will be popular for a different reason, like -
  • Flexible schedule
  • Expansion of internet
  • Easier student enrollment
In future online teaching will be more popular.

Online Based Education System

Online based education system is a flexible instructional delivery system that includes any type of learning that occurs over the Internet. Internet learning offers an incentive for instructors to meet students who may not be willing to participate in a typical college course and help students who choose to operate on their own time and at their own speed.
In several fields, the sum of distance learning and online degrees is high and is growing rapidly. There are also increasing numbers of schools and institutions which offer an online-based education system. Students pursuing degrees through the online approach must be selective to ensure that their course work is done through an institution that is respected and credential.
Online training is here to live. Many students prefer the online-based education system because it provides flexibility in busy schedules. Students must become lifelong learners in today's world with the proliferation of information and knowledge and online education plays an important role in helping individuals access learner-centered and self-directed instruction.
More electronic education opportunities would become accessible with upgraded applications, equipment, and Internet connectivity. With student enrollments rising quicker than classrooms can be designed, learners being increasingly advanced with technology, and students seeking a curriculum that fits their needs, the potential of online education should continue to expand. Online based education system, as they become increasingly standard procedures, should become increasingly generally recognized.