Dikkha is the first online interactive platform in Bangladesh where teachers and students can learn using the various tools and features of our virtual classroom anywhere, anytime.
We do not charge anything from teacher or student for the lessons. Teacher will charge student as agreed between them like the traditional tuition.
The agreed amount between teacher and student will require be available with student wallet. The amount will not be transferred to teacher’s wallet till the tuition session is completed. For example, if teacher has agreed for 4 session in a month for 5000 Tk, after completion of the sessions only the amount will be transferred.
It depends completely on teacher and student, based on how much is offered and how much is agreed between.
We will get our payment from our teachers. We give dedicated classrooms to teachers and provide 1 month free credit to continue teaching. After 1 month of credit period we will charge 500-700 Tk/ month depending on the uses of classes.
Please post your requirement in the tutor job portal. When you are registering as a student or guardian your tutor requirements have already gone to the job board. For future teacher requirements you need to create new tutor requirement or just find the teacher from the list and send message. Once you are connected with the teacher, you may request a demo class, our teachers are bound for at least 1 demo class with the student.
The payment in our system work through secured gateway to your virtual wallet. You can top up your Wallet using – Bkash/Rocket etc. and credit card. Once you book a teacher, the agreed amount will be blocked, but the payment will be only transferred to tutor’s wallet once the agreed session is completed and you have agreed for transfer. Of course if your tutor doesn't show up for a lesson, you won't be charged. If you are not satisfied for s session, you can ask your tutor to re-schedule another session for you. Our tutors are bound to teach a student until a student is satisfied with study materials.
Yes, you can book a tutor for a single question/hour session, or for a full month. It all depends on your course needs.
If you are not satisfied with your tutor for live session, then you can ask for refund. We will investigate and take appropriate action. "Dikkha" is a platform to ensure student success.
Our system also works in mobile or in Tab. However, we suggest to use larger screens like PC/Laptop or Tab, so that in wider screen you can interact in the whiteboard in better way.
Our class works on all major browser, including – Chrome, Firefox or Safari, except Internet Explorer
No, It's not mandatory. But you must have microphone/headphone so that you can talk to your tutor and also can hear what your tutor says.
Digital writing pad is good for writing in the computer and all of our teacher use that. However, for a student it is optional and not mandatory. If you want to purchase digital writing pad, we can help with suggestion from the available in the market and also for any discount we can mange for you from the vendors.
Although there are thousands of YouTube video lessons that you can learn easily but those are one-way interaction where a person created a video over a topic and then upload it and then others can watch and learn. There is no chance to ask question instantly and get answers instantly, while our virtual classroom is designed in such a way that you can ask questions to your tutor instantly and get solution in an interactive process until you are satisfied.
Yes, we are very sincere about recruiting freelancing tutors. Our tutors are verified with one to one interview and test. After the verification we approve them as verified teacher. Our academic team keep in touch with the verified teachers continuously as a part of our quality of service program.