Dikkha is the first online interactive platform in Bangladesh where teachers and students can learn using the various tools and features of our virtual classroom anywhere, anytime.
You can use the platform as ‘Teacher’ to teach your student and received tuition fee from student or guardian. As Student you can learn lesson from teacher using the platform and give payment to teacher. As guardian you can create tuition job for your children and make payment to teacher.
The platform can support both One to One ‘Private Tuition’ and ‘Batch Tuition’ run by our premium teachers.
Guardian/ Student raise the tuition Job, which is displayed in our tuition Job board. Our teachers are notified about the new job raised and they apply for that. Guardian/ Student can see the profile of the teachers, who applied for the job and can select as required. With the selection, there can be a demo class with between Teacher and Student. If Guardian/ Student is satisfied with the demo class, the job is fixed.
Batch tuition is designed by the teacher and useful for multiple student when get lesson from the teacher at the same time. Student can find the teacher and the batch they have planned and made the request to join the batch. Teacher can add him to the batch or student also can make payment in advance to directly enroll to the batch.
Dikkha do not charge anything to student or guardian. Tuition fee is payable to teacher. There is an estimated salary rate sheet available in our website, where salary expectation by the teachers are given. However the amount is decided by Guardian/Student during job creation for private tuition. For batch tuition the fee is decided by the teacher.
We will get our payment from our teachers. We give dedicated classrooms to teachers which will be charged 700 Tk/ month for standard teacher.
Please post your requirement in the tutor job portal. When you are registering as a student or guardian your tutor requirements have already has gone to the job board. For future teacher requirements you need to create new tutor requirement or just find the teacher from the list and send message.
The tuition payment in our system work through secured payment gateway and with login the payment can be made using all mobile wallet or credit card or bank transfer option available.
Our system also works in mobile or in Tab. However, we suggest to use larger screens like PC/Laptop or Tab, so that in wider screen you can interact in the whiteboard in better way.
Our class works on all major browser, including – Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
No, It's not mandatory. But you must have microphone/headphone so that you can talk to your tutor and also can hear what your tutor says.
Digital writing pad is good for writing in the computer and all of our teacher use that. However, for a student it is optional and not mandatory. If you want to purchase digital writing pad, we can help with suggestion from the available in the market and also for any discount we can mange for you from the vendors.
Although there are thousands of YouTube video lessons that you can learn easily but those are one-way interaction where a person created a video over a topic and then upload it and then others can watch and learn. There is no chance to ask question instantly and get answers instantly, while our virtual classroom is designed in such a way that you can ask questions to your tutor instantly and get solution in an interactive process until you are satisfied.
Yes, we are very sincere about recruiting freelancing tutors. Our tutors are verified with one to one interview and test. After the verification we approve them as verified teacher. Our academic team keep in touch with the verified teachers continuously as a part of our quality of service program.
An agreement in which Dikkha classroom subscription charge is waived and the classroom will have unlimited validity. But according the agreement Dikkha will deduct 50% on the 1st-month tuition fee for any job awarded to me.
After you have selected your desired teacher the next step is easy.
  • Click on “View Page” button. A teacher’s profile with details would appear.
  • Click on “Register with me” and fill the information. Then click “Sign Up” to register with the teacher.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to you. Verify the mail account and you have successfully registered with the premium teacher.
  • If the teacher has multiple batches, you can choose the batch you are interested to enroll yourself in.
Yes, these courses are fully paid depending on the teacher and course.
After registering you have to log in to your Dikkha student account. After logging in, click on “show batches” and then to pay the teachers you have to select the particular course or batch you want to pay for and click “enroll” button. Then click on “Send payment” option to pay successfully. You can select bkash, rocket,card and any other source according to your preference.
Class notes and all the necessary files will be uploaded in Facebook private group, or the premium teacher may provide it through google drive during the class or through email.
There are no limitations or specific time boundaries for the course duration. It depends on the course design and teacher. It will be announced before you enroll in the course and usually it ends on time or even earlier.
Yes, for every course the student gets 2 free demo classes to understand and take decision if they want to enroll or not. The payment is made afterwards.