Tehzeeb Karim

Math, Business, Sci & Eng

About me :
I am an experienced teacher with over 12 years of teaching/training experience at local and international institutes such as Macquarie University ELC and the British Council. My job roles involved designing and teaching courses and conducting INSETT training sessions and over the years, I have taught varied age groups and a range of courses. I have also fulfilled managerial roles in non-teaching contexts, and conducted regular staff trainings at these organisations. Alongside a rich work-experience, I have a thorough grounding on management and pedagogic principles. See TinyUrl.com/TehzeebKonlineTutor for more information

My strengths include my ability to understand my students, build rapport with them and simplify difficult concepts. I believe I can make the learning experience enjoyable and motivate every learner to make an effort to reach their goals. My lessons will be engaging, interactive and based on the learner's requirements. I explain concepts in the class, then reinforce them with short class exercises, homework and feedback on mistakes.

What to expect?
Secondary School Studies: The Lower Secondary lessons will help students of Classes 5-7 to grow on a solid foundation in these subjects, in terms of knowledge, skills, thinking and approach, before the move on to high school. Higher Secondary students (classes 8-12) can expect engaging and ‘no-nonsense’ lessons, aligned with their syllabus requirements, aimed at strengthening their understanding and application of the subject topics.

My IELTS Preparation lessons will help learners attain their realistic improvement goals. This could be, for example, a band progression of one from their current band for every 40 hours of guided-study. The life skills preparation will assess their current CEFR level and help them pass one of the two tests. The lessons will provide an opportunity for skills development as well ample amount of exam practice.

The ‘English Language and communication skills development’ lessons will equip the learners with the language skills needed for everyday life and business settings. The learners will be assessed on their CEFR language level at the beginning and end of a tailor-made course, and they will progress through these levels with each course. The General English courses will focus more on developing speaking skills, while the Business English courses will aim to develop the entire language skill set relevant to business. The Academic English course will help high school students (Classes 9-12) to develop their language skills needed for university studies.

The Business Studies courses are primarily aimed at preparing and guiding learners through their BTEC ND and HND units and assignments. However, the theoretical aspects of the units are equally relevant for other Business courses and awards. For example the ND units will coincide with many parts of A-Levels Business studies curriculum and the HND units can assist students in their first and second year of university studies.

Your needs and the fees
Please see the description of courses, and discuss your requirements with me on whatsapp (+8801318001013) to choose a suitable batch. Alternatively, I can design a tailor-made course to suit the learners’ needs. The fees will depend on the number of study-hours, length of the course and the number of participants on the course. Please contact me on whatsapp +8801318001013 for more details.